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  • Divorce and Co-Parenting Therapy

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    Divorce and Co-Parenting Therapy

    Divorce Therapy

    A little under 50% of marriages end in divorce and for second or more marriages the rate is even higher. Marriage therapy is only successful when two people work towards forgiveness and a better relationship. Sometimes that is not a reality. You have kids, family, and friends that you have developed together but now what? How do you begin to divide your lives and assets? First of all, it sucks. Life will be different after making that decision but everyone will adapt to the changes that are ahead. If you have children, they must be your first priority. Many other types of therapy tie into divorce therapy because of anger and all the issues that cause couples to split up.

    Co-Parenting Therapy

    As stated above, kids will pay the price if they are not the priority. If couples try to be competitive with ex-partners, yelling, and feuding over many things then the kids get caught in the middle. Divorce and Co-Parenting Therapy is designed to help the children to avoid being in the middle and to become the priorities that they deserve to be. If one parent is stable and kind then kids tend to be resilient but if both parents are kind then their mental health only gets stronger.

    Reintegration Therapy

    Much like co-parenting therapy, the goal is always to improve the mental health of children. Each case is individually evaluated and then the plan is started. Some cases may require court involvement or court orders to address specific areas. This type of therapy is complicated and difficult at times because of how much is at stake.