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  • What is Co-Parenting and Reintegration?

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    Co-Parenting and Reintegration


    As stated above, kids will pay the price if they are not the priority. If caretakers try to compete with ex-partners, yelling and feuding over many things, the kids get caught in the middle. Divorce and Co-Parenting Therapy is designed to help children avoid being in the middle and become the priorities they deserve. Caretakers are no longer together and the reasons they are not will likely continue to be an issue. Kids tend to be resilient and their mental health only gets stronger with a little help.


    Much like co-parenting therapy, the goal is always to improve the mental health of children. Each case is individually evaluated, and then the plan is started. Some cases may require court involvement or court orders to address specific areas. This type of therapy is sometimes complicated and difficult because of court involvement.

    Parenting Plans

    Parenting plans can be a large part of why couples fight over when divorces are started. Thousands of dollars go into attorneys’ hands when they attempt to mediate and work with GALs. This can be avoided with the aid of a systemic therapist who is trained in communication and finding a common goal.