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  • Prayers, Love, and Peace

    How do I cope with the trauma from the parade shooting?

    I watched as the media reported about the shooting that took place at a parade intended to celebrate a great Super Bowl victory for our wonderful city. I assume many people did the same or were even there to celebrate. 

    Trauma comes from when we encounter some event that causes us to experience fears, hurts, and frustrations, but it is not limited to car accidents or in-person experiences. We all have stories to tell, but not all of those stories end up resulting in a loss with trauma. The difference is how we handle things at the moment. It is essential to talk to your support system about your feelings and process those things together.  When we process things alone and on our own, that is when trauma can become something detrimental. 

    Find someone to talk to or call me and we can work through it all together. Thank you – Kevin

    Huge First Step!

    Mint Family Therapy is dedicated to relationships. Nobody who is reading this exists in a bubble or a vacuum. You may say, I have anxiety or depression, but I ask you how that doesn’t involve other people. 

    When you were a kid, do you recall being made to feel like you or your feelings were unimportant?

    Does your relationship(s) make you feel supported and stable?

    When you communicate with your family or partner(s), do they make you feel heard and important?

    Did you know that most relationships are seven years late for asking for help?

    Mint Family Therapy is asking you if you are too late as well. It might feel like things are too late, but the reality is that as long as everyone wants to remain in the relationship, it is never too late.

    “Attachment principles teach us that most people are only as needy as their unmet needs. When their emotional needs are met, and the earlier, the better, they usually turn their attention outward. This is sometimes referred to in attachment literature as the ‘dependency paradox’: The more effectively dependent people are on one another, the more independent and daring they become.”

    Amir Levine 

    If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, we are ready when you are. Contact us today, and let’s get to work.

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    About Kevin Smith, LCMFT

    Prior to being a marriage therapist, I spent time working in the art world as a reproduction specialist as well as working one-on-one with art galleries around the world. My time in the non-clinical art world gave me a unique ability to resolve conflict & have better communication even across cultures and different faiths. I strive to remain always curious.

    I have five children, experienced adoption, divorce, new career challenges and feeling good enough while resisting feeling like a failure at times. Life is not easy and I have stumbled a lot in my journey but the great thing is that while I did most of it alone, you do not have to go it alone.

    I am proud to offer Mint Family Therapy as a concierge therapy organization that knows therapy and life happens between sessions. I am a fully licensed marriage and family therapist.


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