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  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

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    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

    Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is an evidence-based psychotherapy approach. There have been close to 150 randomized clinical control studies with different control populations in different clinical settings in multiple countries, almost all showing positive benefits of SFBT. There have also been eight meta-analyses on a range of outcome studies with an overall effect size ranging from small to large, for the child, adolescent, and adult populations, for presenting problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, behavioral problems, parenting, and psycho-social and interpersonal problems (Kim et al, 2010; 2019).

    SFBT helps individuals to:

    • Learn to decrease anxiety
    • Understand depression and how it functions in their lives
    • Decrease dependence on substances or other addictions
    • Find what once worked and build on those skills
    • Overcome their weaknesses and problems without medications

    I am fortunate to have been trained by Dr. Schults while I was a learner at Capella University. He worked with the originators of the model and while I am not the master that he was, it was an honor to see it first hand. SFBT works from the lens of the belief that the clients already know the answer to their problem and I then work with them to discover those answers.