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    “I’ve never had much success in finding a good therapist. At least never one that I felt truly understood me. I’d sworn them off after my last attempt, but my wife actually found Kevin, and after she met him, she encouraged me to come for couples counseling. I struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues and have for most of my adult life. With this came severe addiction to alcohol that I’ve since overcome, but the low confidence and poor self-esteem still remained, which made it hard on our relationship and made me feel like an imposter at my job. I was hesitant, but from the first meeting, I felt at ease with Kevin immediately. Not to mention the fact that he gave us actionable advice and resources that helped right away, after the first session. Right away I felt like we had made the right decision and I’ve since joined his men’s only group that meets once a week. It’s been great for me. I often struggle to relate to other men and tend to feel very awkward, so this is a great avenue to work on that, to see that other men struggle too and that while my problems may be slightly different, by talking through them, we can heal. Kevin is a great therapist and an excellent person. I can truly say that seeing him has been the single best decision I’ve made for my mental health. I can’t recommend his services enough.” ~ male, age 41

    “I have fought depression for over twenty years. After three sessions with Mr. Smith, he was able to diagnose the cause of my problem. Following five other therapists, he was the first to give me the HOPE of resolving the issue. I was ecstatic! This followed a discussion of my family and my career. Kevin is caring and compassionate. Yet he is emphatic that the client needs to work toward recovery with his guidance. I thank God for sending me to Kevin Smith. Powerful changes are happening and I welcome them.” ~ female, age 73