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  • Affair Recovery

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    Three Steps to Affair Recover

    If you are reading about this topic, your life has likely been turned upside down. You don’t know what to do now or next. Below, you will find a plan to recovery. It is possible that just as a broken bone is stronger after a fracture, your relationship could be made stronger.

    Step One

    Your relationship needs to be stabilized. The first four sessions need to take place in the first two weeks of therapy. The first session would attempt to find out the details for how the couple's story started and then how the affair took place. Then the next session would be with one and the third with the other partner. The forth session would bring the couple back together to further stabalize the relationship and create a plan for keeping the couple ready for the next weeks to come.

    Step Two

    This step will focus on healing and avoiding further injury. It is possible that the couple would require additional individual sessions but they would most likely be done on an equal number of session to ensure balance. Additional safety planning would be done to ensure that accidental encounters are not allowed to inflict further damage.

    Step Three

    The last step has no real ending due to the exact needs of the couple. The goal is to complete therapy in 8 or 10 sessions for brief therapy. Some affair-surviving couples need additional treatment to resolve conflicts and other wounds that occurred before the affair event.

    Affair Recovery

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